Angry Birds Bad Piggies

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Game Info: Angry Birds Bad Piggies

From the Rovio –  Angry Birds Bad Piggies will give you a chance to finally see the pig picture and take the role of the infamous green antagonists.

How to Play:

Every level in Bad Piggies has a finish line and a grid. You've got to place the items you are given in the grid to make some kind of vehicle that will transport a green piggy to the finish line. Start by dragging out items onto the grid. In level 1, for example, we'll make a simple car by plopping down a few wooden boxes and attaching wheels to the bottom.You can't get going without a pig. Drag the little pig from the toolbox into the grid (preferably inside one of the boxes... so he doesn't fall out) and a 'Tick' button will appear. Press this to go. Now, gravity will take over. Your vehicle will start rolling down the hill, and will hopefully make it to the goal.